Artificial Intelligence Speech Solutions

Custom Development of Speech Recognition Systems and Services

Expert Knowledge and Understanding

In a world awash with expert knowledge and unique areas of specialty, there is an ever increasing need to effectively transfer specific knowledge domains into software systems in a way that allows them to successfully perform intelligent functions.

Unfortunately, intelligent systems don’t just evolve on their own … they are only a reflection of the knowledge that they have been given.  How they receive this knowledge and how they use it has a direct influence on their acceptance and success.

Adding to the complexity of intelligent system design, the required expert knowledge is often elusive and hard to define.  In addition, once defined, transferring that knowledge from “brain” to “computer” is no simple task.

MatrixHCI brings years of experience developing artificial intelligent systems that have even resulted in patents in the US and abroad for AI system designs.  In addition, MatrixHCI’s founder, Randy Winters, is a pioneer in AI-based expert systems, and his award-winning custom designs have been used by many well known high-tech companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Epson, and Hewlett-Packard to mention a few.

Our knowledgeable engineers know what it takes to define and capture specific knowledge.  They understand what it takes to create an intelligent system that can successfully carry out specific knowledge-based tasks effectively.

Whether you are designing a system for customer support, aeronautical flight command and control, an intelligent voice and vision system, or some other requirement, MatrixHCI can custom design an intelligent system that will meet your specific needs.

In addition, MatrixHCI can use existing AI technologies or develop custom designs where current technology will not meet your needs.

Whatever your needs, MatrixHCI can design and develop your entire solution providing a turnkey system.  In addition, MatrixHCI can also work with your existing team and develop the intelligent knowledge-based components that can then be inserted into your current software design team.

If you would like to learn more about how MatrixHCI can help you use intelligent systems to improve your business, contact us for a free consultation.

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Speech and AI Application

Many concepts come into play when designing a successful voice recognition system.  Many applications require special treatment and conditioning of acoustic data in order to achieve maximum recognition results.  MatrixHCI specializes in projects that have challenged environments and conditions. MatrixHCI will custom design your application and apply the necessary components and implementations that will ensure a successful speech solution.

As part of this design process, MatrixHCI may utilize AI-based solutions in both pre and post-recognition processes.  The use of AI to make intelligent decisions in speech recognition plays a critical role in increasing outcome intelligence and accuracy for your speech recognition understanding and results.

Better accuracy and more intelligent results delivered to your customers translates to more positive user experiences and the collection of useful and usable data for your company.

Some of the many areas that MatrixHCI has specific domain knowledge and experience include where we also interlace AI, when necessary, are:

Dynamic Grammar Creation
Rapid Speech Recognition
Environmental Background Noise Conditioning
Intelligent Environment Adaptation
Dynamic Acoustic Conditioning
Dynamic Grammar Development and Adaptation
Self-Learning Recognition Systems
Intelligent Human Computer Interfaces
Dynamic Real-Time Word Pruning and Analysis
Dialog Management
Intelligent Rule-Base Decision Systems

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Understanding Expert Systems

An expert system is a software system that attempts to reproduce the performance of one or more human experts in a specific domain (i.e., customer support, financial systems, etc.).

An effective expert system is a system that has been successfully “trained” using knowledge which has been precisely and carefully extracted from experts in the field.  Identifying and extracting this knowledge is no easy task and requires the application of sound knowledge engineering principles from seasoned professionals.

As an example, it is easy to identify an experienced customer support technician who can solve your problem in half the time of his peers.  But what exactly makes this person more effective than others?  What does this person know that others do not?  How do they process their knowledge?  How do they move towards the proper solution in half the time?

Seasoned knowledgeable engineers know how to extract this information and to build a knowledge base that can be processed by an expert system.  Once extracted, this knowledge is immediately “cloned” making it available to all who access the expert system.

MatrixHCI’s knowledgeable engineers have developed knowledge-based systems for some of the most challenging support environments, including Microsoft, Apple, and Epson.

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Inference Engine Design and Implementation

The heart of any expert system is the inference engine which processes the knowledge base that has been acquired.  An inference engine can be likened to the brain processing that an expert in the field uses to process the knowledge they have acquired over time.

An expert in the field is successful in delivering their knowledge and solutions because they process the ability to properly process necessary information in proper order and in the shortest amount of time.  It is this process that determines how knowledge and solutions are delivered when a support rep performs their job.

MatrixHCI offers Custom Software Development with an emphasis on Advanced Cutting-Edge Speech Recognition

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