Speech Dialogue Management

Speech Dialogue Management Development

Dialog-Based Solutions

We encode your business logic into our proprietary AI modules and combine them with dynamic recognition grammars to deliver a uniquely flexible user interface–showing the true power of speech.

With this approach your experienced users have the flexibility to summarize required inputs and skip tedious back-and-forth exchanges.  The dialog component will identify any missing information and engage the user in a task-specific exchange for just that data.  Meanwhile, first-time users can be guided through the entire information collection process.

The true benefit of the dialog approach becomes apparent when the user exercises their right to change their responses.  Once the new data values are processed by the business logic, any stale data will be identified. Then the dialog component can reevaluate the information needed and generate a new task-specific exchange.  The result is a superior user experience and an increase in your brand’s value.


Designing Dialogs

MatrixHCI has extensive experience in designing dialogs.

We work with your domain experts to understand and document the business logic.  During this process we also collect the language used when discussing your business solutions.  Then we synthesize this language into a dialog that meets the needs of both novice and experienced users.  Finally, we evaluate this dialog with target customers to ensure that nothing was missed.  We often repeat this process several times since users aren’t used to being able to say what they really want to do.  Our proprietary tools and expertise make this a fast process and the final product shows the value of this approach.

MatrixHCI offers Custom Software Development with an emphasis on Advanced Cutting-Edge Speech Recognition

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