Voice Activated Aviation Applications

Custom Development of Voice Activated Aviation Applications

MatrixHCI Custom Speech Recognition Flight App Development

The possibilities for speech enabling pilot applications are endless, and MatrixHCI can work with you to help design a speech enabled application.  Additionally, our human computer interaction, or HCI, experience allows us to design a front end that can easily interface with your users in intelligent ways that provide minimal distraction.

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iPad and Smart Device Flight Deck Use on the Rise

The use of iPads and other smart devices are becoming more and more popular for use by pilots.  There are many software applications that allow pilots to file flight plans, get weather, and access airport information, including waypoint and departure and arrival procedures, just to mention a few functions.

Examples of existing flight applications that pilots are using now that have not yet been speech enabled include products by Seattle Aviation (FlyQ), Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck, ForeFlight Mobile, FlightGuide iEFB, and Garmin Pilot to mention a few.


Flight Applications and Pilot Distraction

Most of these applications require a significant amount of user interaction involving pressing menu options and entering text.  The use of these interface practices compete with the objective of pilots to always be “Hands on and Eyes On” the instrument panel and scanning outside airspace visually for other aircraft.

MatrixHCI has already proven that speech enabling these applications can provide pilots with easy access to software functions and flight information by merely speaking to their devices.  This allows pilots to keep their hands, eyes, and attention on their primary function of flying the aircraft without having to divert their attention to operate their software applications.

Additionally, by speech enabling these applications, pilots are able to cut through many menu commands and text entries to reach their desired application screen or information.

As an example, a pilot could just speak, “File a flight plan from KLAS to KBOS,” and the software will automatically perform all the many entries that would normally be necessary as they had to interface with traditional menu displays.

They could easily say, “Show me arrival procedures for Las Vegas McCarran International Airport,” and the system would display instantly all available arrival procedures available.

They could then drill down into a specific arrival map by saying, “Show me the Kaddy One Arrival Chart,” and the chart would be instantly displayed on the screen.

MatrixHCI offers Custom Software Development with an emphasis on Advanced Cutting-Edge Speech Recognition

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