Voice Activated Cockpits

Custom Development Services for Voice Activated Cockpits

Voice Activated Cockpit Design

Voice Activated Cockpit Design requires extensive knowledge of speech recognition development, aircraft flight, and pilot communication phraseology and language.

Additionally, development of speech enabled cockpit control systems require operation in hi DB noise environments with results being delivered accurately and in real-time.

MatrixHCI can develop voice activated cockpit speech and enable systems at any DO-178 level of criticality.  Additionally, MatrixHCI can design custom speech systems that conform to existing or new hardware systems where the speech system requires embedding into hardware systems.

When processing speed, and memory size permit, we can even look into utilizing existing customer hardware systems that have been previously certified for flight deck use to control a custom speech application.

MatrixHCI can employ its AI-based technology and proprietary dialogue management processes in order to provide pilots with simple, natural language interfaces that allow them to control cockpit functions with easy and minimal distraction.

Our systems are designed to be speaker independent and can incorporate any combination of command and control functions offering real-time latency free response.

MatrixHCI has developed many specialized tools to allow the building of accurate command and control systems.  MatrixHCI also will develop specialized custom acoustic models, language models, and dictionaries that complement the specific target aircraft and flight deck environments you need.

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MatrixHCI offers Custom Software Development with an emphasis on Advanced Cutting-Edge Speech Recognition

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