ASR Optimization

ASR Optimization and Development

Our In-house Technology Can Optimize Your Speech Applications

We are a speech services company with in-house technology to optimize your speech applications whether at the signal processing layer, the ASR run-time engine, or at the high-level grammar and natural language modules.

Our mission is to help your ASR applications succeed.  We realize that there is little documentation out there for these complex voice systems and that most vendors favor “unit sales” over customized service engagements.  MatrixHCI was created with the belief that the toughest speech industry challenges can be met when experts provide custom-fitted designs and technology.

Please ask us how we can help improve the accuracy, optimize the performance, and strengthen the robustness of your voice recognition algorithms or applications.

Speech Recognition Algorithms, Accuracy, and ASR Performance Improvements

Voice recognition software isn’t exactly plug-n-play.  It remains fragile technology which is difficult to manipulate or customize due to the complex recognition algorithms and many layers that affect outcomes.  Businesses that wish to exceed the performance of boxed speech software face real and costly challenges.  For these reasons, MatrixHCI offers technical consulting and leadership to companies considering speech applications or interfaces.  We provide expertise across the core speech technologies from optimizing automatic recognition algorithms to code that harnesses advanced AI principles for more conversational applications.

As a brief introduction to our expertise and knowledge, below are a dozen ways we can help improve the performance and accuracy of your voice recognition algorithms or applications.


Ways to Improve Accuracy and Performance

  1. Corpus Audit and Analysis of Speech Data
  2. Speech Algorithm Development and Audio DSP
  3. Acoustic Model Training
  4. Custom Acoustic Models for Special Demographics
  5. Phonetic Dictionaries
  6. ASR Run-time Engine Optimization
  7. Embedded Speech Engine for Mobile Devices
  8. Equipment Analysis
  9. Grammar File Development
  10. Benchmarking and Automated Error Testing
  11. Rule-based Dialog Management
  12. AI or Adaptive Learning (for more complex goals)

MatrixHCI offers Custom Software Development with an emphasis on Advanced Cutting-Edge Speech Recognition

If you have a need for specialized custom speech recognition solutions, please contact us for a free confidential consultation.