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Executive Team

  • Randy Winters
    Randy WintersPresident and CTO

    Mr. Winters earned a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. As the founder of MatrixHCI, he has pioneered ground-breaking speech recognition concepts that have pushed the limit of speech recognition in the aviation and aerospace industries. Prior to MatrixHCI, Mr. Winters had been involved in speech recognition and artificial intelligence at several other startups that he has founded.

    He also served as Director of Advanced Technology at Novell, Inc. where he helped architect and design Novell’s Internet Proxy Cache Server technology. He also developed the world’s first real-time Internet content filtering technology and became Novell’s international expert on content filtering. While at Novell, he also served on Novell’s Business Development Team where he was responsible for their advanced technology licensing.

    As founder and President/CTO of IntelliSystems, he developed the first commercial computer telephony system to incorporate artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and text-to-speech. The system was used to offer unattended telephone customer support to callers. In 1992, his technology won Editor’s Choice Award from Voice Processing Magazine. It was used by many high-technology companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, Epson, and Hewlett-Packard.

    He also developed VoiceKit, one of the first software development toolkits for computer telephony boards that turned microcomputers into computer telephony systems. VoiceKit won Editor’s Choice Award from Voice Processing Magazine in 1993.

    Additionally, Mr. Winters served as President and CTO of JamboTECH where he was instrumental in the design of JamboTech’s next-generation carrier-class managed voice and data services which utilized voice recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), and mobile wireless connectivity.

    He also has in-depth experience in the vision industry and has developed custom vision cameras and embedded software systems that incorporate artificial intelligence resulting in systems that have been used to provide real-time visual feedback in technologically challenging environments.

    Mr. Winters also received a patent in the US and abroad for multi-tasking artificial intelligent processing and still utilizes his AI experience in pre and post-recognition processing systems designed by MatrixHCI today.

    Additionally, his experience in Software Engineering processes and methodologies ensure that all MatrixHCI designed software solutions meet customer needs and required certifications. He is also an expert in real-time, fault-tolerant systems design, and has taught and designed core classes for the Graduate Software Engineering Program at Carnegie Mellon University.

    • Ronald Provine
      Ronald ProvineVP - Aerospace/Aviation Research & Development

      Ron Provine brings a wealth of experience in the industry, having recently spent two years at Nuance working on their next generation of speech recognition systems. Prior to that he spent 28 years at Boeing where he was involved in a variety of aerospace and aviation-related speech and dialogue projects.

      At Nuance, Ron served as a Natural Language Engineer, and at Boeing, he served as Principal Investigator on a variety of projects. Most recently at Boeing, he served as Principal Investigator, Flight-Deck/Air Traffic Control Dialog. He also led Boeing research projects in Spoken Dialog Architectures and Human-Robot Collaboration, and delivered production aerospace manufacturing applications for CAD, tooling planning and manufacturing automation.

      Ron has co-authored several patents and has a deep understanding of the aviation and aerospace industry with respect to speech, AI, and dialogue management.

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